Faceplant Cycle Gear

Faceplant™ Cycle Gear provides earth-friendly, all-natural personal care products for active cyclists.

Whether you prefer the road or the trail, riders are constantly exposed to wind and sun. Everyone wants healthy skin. Too much sun exposure, premature wrinkles, pigmentation problems, or a host of other problems? Skin aging results from reduced effectiveness of blood vessels feeding the skin with oxygen and nutrients, resulting in decreased elasticity, fine wrinkles, dryness and less healthy looking skin.

If you ride because you're concerned about your health, you are naturally concerned about your skin. FacePlant™ makes available all-herbal products to protect you on your outings.

FacePlant T-ShirtAfter the ride, it's all about FacePlant™ Muscle Easing Salve. An arnica-based anti-inflammatory that provides relief for sore, tired, achy muscles. Specially formulated for stressed, hard-working muscles, it is also extrememly effective in treating bruises.

And should you have a true "over the top" experience, our all-herbal salve is the ointment of choice when treating road rash and other abrasions. It not only fights bacteria and infection but assists in accelerating the healing process.

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Available in fine bicycle shops across the country. Please ask at your local friendly neighborhood bike shop.